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Love Yourself. Believe in Yourself. Invest in Yourself. | taught by John and Myke
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John  and Myke
John and Myke

About the instructor

I’m John Sortino and the creator of The Vermont Teddy Bear Company. I grew my company from a peddler’s cart with sales of $5,000 to a $100 million dollar company. So I know quite a bit about starting with a little money and creating a massive impact. I’m not any different than you. The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you don’t have to be a genius. You only have to have passion and a solid plan. I’m a living example of that. I have been named the Top 100 marketing people by Advertising Age. I have also helped over 55,000 entrepreneurs succeed with my book, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur.” I take the complex and make it simple so that everyone can build a profitable business if they desire.

I’m Mychal Connolly and I’m living proof that strategic planning and grit works. I moved to America at 17 with less than $20 and a dream. I went from being a dishwasher to owning and operating a national brand. I know what it’s like to have a mind full of ideas and no idea of how to execute them. However, just because you’ve experienced failure doesn’t mean that it’s your final destination. Almost losing everything gave me a stronger desire to succeed and to give back to my community. I knew that playtime was over and it was time to make serious changes. I became strategic, I stopped chasing perfection, and I focused on what brought me money. I will help you do the same.

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LOVE YOURSELF. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. INVEST IN YOURSELF.All you need to succeed. You + A Solid Plan + Mentors

The Hundred Grand Plan will change how you see and navigate business for the rest of your life. John and Myke teach you how simple it is to start or grow a business from scratch.

Myke started as an immigrant dishwasher, launched the business Stinky Cakes, and become one of America's Top 100 Urban Entrepreneurs.

John started the Vermont Teddy Bear company, as a Outdoor Peddler, and turned it into a company worth 120 million dollars.

John and Myke will walk you through the process of how to create a hundred grand plan, starting where you are.

Who is the Hundred Grand Plan for?
The Hundred Grand Plan was designed for people that want to start businesses, grow their businesses, leave their jobs and/or looking for a new direction in their lives.

What if I have no idea for a business or no idea how to run a business?
Perfect, the Hundred Grand Plan is for you too! John and Myke will help you get an idea. And teach you how to run a business.

I’m already making six figures, is this course for me?
With John at the helm of The Vermont Teddy Bear Company, VTC was averaging about $50,000 per day. He's looking forward to sharing his strategies to earn him the title of "Best CEO in America" with you, to help you reach your goals.

Have you hit the five hundred grand, seven hundred grand, nine hundred grand mark yet? Are you meeting that mark consistently and growing your business?

If not, then yes, this course is for you. Your business should grow every year and we can help you scale your business all the way up!

Do I actually get to speak with the Instructors?
Yes! You get to schedule one-on-one conversations with Myke. No two entrepreneurs/business people are alike. Myke understands that and look forward to speaking with you personally to help you create a Hundred Grand Plan custom to you, and keep you on track to reaching your goal.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes, scroll to the bottom of this page for payment options.

Is there a guarantee?
There is a 14-day money back guarantee! Want out of the program? Email us within 14 days of the program start date and you will get a full refund.

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