How to Start A Home Business From Home

taught by John and Myke
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John  and Myke
John and Myke

About the instructor

I’m John Sortino and the creator of The Vermont Teddy Bear Company. I grew my company from a peddler’s cart with sales of $5,000 to a $100 million dollar company. So I know quite a bit about starting with a little money and creating a massive impact. I’m not any different than you. The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you don’t have to be a genius. You only have to have passion and a solid plan. I’m a living example of that. I have been named the Top 100 marketing people by Advertising Age. I have also helped over 55,000 entrepreneurs succeed with my book, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur.” I take the complex and make it simple so that everyone can build a profitable business if they desire.

I’m Mychal Connolly and I’m living proof that strategic planning and grit works. I moved to America at 17 with less than $20 and a dream. I went from being a dishwasher to owning and operating a national brand. I know what it’s like to have a mind full of ideas and no idea of how to execute them. However, just because you’ve experienced failure doesn’t mean that it’s your final destination. Almost losing everything gave me a stronger desire to succeed and to give back to my community. I knew that playtime was over and it was time to make serious changes. I became strategic, I stopped chasing perfection, and I focused on what brought me money. I will help you do the same.

This course shows you how to start where you are and start a business from home. You'll be shocked how simple it can be to start a business from home.

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