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Mychal Connolly
Mychal Connolly
Mr. Stinky Cakes

About the instructor

Mychal Connolly was named one of America’s Top 100 Urban Entrepreneurs for his body of work as the co-founder of the online baby-gift company He was also named one of the Top 40 under 40 in Massachusetts by Business West Magazine. He’s been featured in the Boston Herald, Black Enterprise Magazine and INC. Magazine. He has shared his voice on the power of changing lives through entrepreneurship with platforms such as NPR, CBS Radio, affiliate ABC and NBC TV stations. Mr. Connolly currently serves as a board member and spokesperson for Junior Achievement Western Massachusetts.

All these accolades are great but far from Mychal’s humble beginnings as an immigrant dishwasher. Connolly move to America at the age of seventeen with less than $20 and a dream. He always had drive and ambition which lead him to launch his first business at the age of 9. Connolly’s journey is an amazing story that proves whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. From the unconventional way he got into college, to the reason he started his company Stinky Cakes and how he launched a national brand with little money, all the way to how almost losing it all made him have a stronger desire to a) succeed and b) give back to his community. Connolly’s journey is a remarkable source of inspiration for anyone that has a dream, believes in their dream and has a strong desire to make their dream a reality.

What is Launch and Stand Out all about?

In a nutshell it's:

23 Simple Business Models you can follow.

8 Easy Steps to create a marketing and branding system to sell products/services via your business model.


245 Entrepreneurial Motivational Quotes to help you develop and maintain the mindset it takes to succeed as an Entrepreneur/Business Owner.

**Great gift for any Entrepreneur, Business Owners, Start Up or Ambitious Big Dreamer looking to get into the game!**

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