Hello! My name is Mychal Connolly. I’m the Bahamian immigrant-turned-entrepreneur who built the successful “Stinky Cakes” brand from the ground up. (We sell diaper gifts online to new parents all over the world) 

Since you visited this site, I think I know how you feel:

You are here today for one or more of these reasons:
1. You have a dream of starting or growing a business and want help doing it.
2. You have a message you want to get out into the world.
3. You’re looking to grow as a person and a business person.
4. You want an additional way to generate leads and income for your business.
5. You want financial freedom and you're tired of your job owning you.
6. You want to separate yourself, Stand Out, from the competition.
7. You want to turn your passion into an additional stream of income.
8. You’ve always wanted to be (or you are) an Entrepreneur and don’t know where to start or how to grow your business.

9. You want to surround yourself and collaborate with people that want to be better and have done better in business.
10. You want somewhere to discuss your business goals with like-minded individuals, make a plan of action and hold each other accountable.

If even one of these reasons resonated, then the Hundred Grand Plan is for you!

I know I can teach you how to succeed with your own business idea because I’ve already done it myself – the hard way. I know DREAMS COME TRUE! You’ll learn from my experience through my new online learning and success course called the “Hundred Grand Plan.” 

I’ll help you turn your ideas into a lucrative, stable income source. You’ll avoid the many pitfalls that slowed my growth along the way, and I’ll show you countless shortcuts to help you maximize what I learned by doing.

Before we go any farther, I’d like to introduce Rochelle of Rose Red ETC. She was one of our first Hundred Grand Plan graduates, and she’s established her own successful design and branding firm in Atlanta.


Using the Hundred Grand Plan, Rochelle went from “One, to Done!”

Are you ready to learn more? Great! Let’s go!


First, I’d like to share a little bit about me. As mentioned, I grew up in the Bahamas, but it wasn’t exactly a vacation spot for me; we were working-class all the way. My stepfather had small pest-control business and sometimes I’d tag along with him. I noticed that the biggest and nicest houses often had business magazines out on the tables, and I quickly made the connection: Business people have more money.

When I was only 9, my grandmother visited Florida and came home with all sorts of exciting American candies that weren’t available locally. My school buddies wanted them too, begging for handouts to the point where I finally had to say, “Hey, stop, guys - these are for sale!” 

Everybody stopped in their tracks and asked “How much?” 

I felt the thrilling bite of the business bug as they paid me for the sweets, thinking: Wow - this is for me! When I ran out of candy, I started freezing Kool-Aid into popsicles and selling them. I got Grandma to bring more candy back every trip, and sometimes she even helped me sell it! Why? She was making more money selling candy to the neighborhood kids with me than she was at her waitress job.

I became increasingly fascinated with the idea of running my own company someday, and started studying the wealthier people on the island. One vacation resort near our home was operated by a nice man who’d sometimes talk to me. I was struck by his simple, logical approach to growing his business, and as I spoke with other entrepreneurs, I saw a similar pattern. 

What stayed with me most was that business is logical IF you have a plan.


When I was 17 I emigrated to the United States with less than $20 in my pocket. I became a dishwasher, got married and we soon had a son. My wife and I received a lot of baby gifts, so when our second son arrived, all we really needed were diapers. 

The realization came to us that all new parents must need diapers, and from that, the idea for our first-ever “stinky cake,” (named by Son #1, 2 years old at the time). It was an arrangement of diapers, in the shape of a tiered wedding cake. My mother-in-law took that first cake to a baby shower and came home with several orders. That’s when we knew Stinky Cakes could grow into a business, and we were quickly off and running.

Was it easy? NO. NO. And NO. There were countless long, hard days, weeks and months. Sometimes my family went without as we focused our limited resources and time 100% into the business. 

Fortunately, I also had some lucky breaks along the way. 

One was meeting the late Mike Kittredge II, the founder of the world-leading candle brand, the Yankee Candle Company. I approached this famous entrepreneur (who I learned about reading business publications as a kid) at a local business event. He was kind and amazing to me and shared many helpful, logical insights from his own career with me. (there’s that word logical again!) I told him about my vision to one day be a successful entrepreneur. 

He said, “Young man, you have what it takes. Go make it happen!”

Another lucky break happened when I nearly lost my health because I was totally “going for it,” pushing so hard for success with Stinky Cakes. In my great desire to grow the business, I fell into poor eating habits, became ill and was hospitalized. The ICU doctors told me I was inches from being in a diabetic coma. What a wakeup call!  This medical scare gave me a new appreciation for life, as well as a growing desire to help others learn how to create and grow their own businesses.

And so, we kept at it, (with me paying a lot more attention to my health) and slowly, inevitably, we saw the numbers start going up, up, up. Today, Stinky Cakes continues to expand, with sales rising all over the world.

Everyone who witnessed our success wanted to know the story of Stinky Cakes. I was interviewed by scores of reporters and writers, appeared on television and radio shows

I was named one of America's Top 100 Urban Entrepreneurs, 40 under 40 in Massachusetts by Business West Magazine, appeared in the Boston Herald, Black Enterprise Magazine and INC. Magazine. I’ve been on NPR, CBS Radio, affiliate ABC and NBC TV stations. I’m a board member for Junior Achievement Western Massachusetts and serve as Chairman at SCORE of Western Massachusetts, a non-profit organization designed to help people start and grow businesses. I even wrote a book entitled “Launch and Stand Out.”

Our success opened other doors. I met and spoke with other top entrepreneurs, including John Sortino of Vermont Teddy Bears (he and I are the instructors of the Hundred Grand Plan Course), and David Klein of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. I studied their history, their logical business approach and how they managed their growth. 

In the process, I cracked the code on how they actually make money in business and become successful at almost anything they do.

It seemed like I’d absorbed enough business know-how to last 3 lifetimes.

I realized that most successful entrepreneurs/business owners operated the same way. 

They are: 

* Systematic 

* Goal-oriented

* Action takers with strong self-belief

And with the Hundred Grand Plan, you can achieve your vision, too!


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about my humble beginnings and the story behind Stinky Cakes’ journey of success. I really, truly have done this myself – with my own two hands – and I want to help others, who will embrace the work it takes to succeed, on their own paths to success.

So now, I’m embarking on my biggest entrepreneurial adventure yet, creating and offering the Hundred Grand Plan, an online course that distills everything I’ve learned – again, so much of it the hard way – to save budding entrepreneurs critical time and money as they turn their ideas and inspiration into real-world businesses, far faster than I did.

So now, I need to ask you:

Are you ready?

Are you excited to learn?

Are you willing to put in the time it will take to absorb this knowledge?

If you answered YES , then the Hundred Grand Plan is right for you!

Let’s read on!


Master Course
The Hundred Grand Plan Master Course helps you create a solid, logical plan to follow as you reach your goals. The course alone includes thousands of dollars in 1 to 1 mentorship, courses, classes, group mentoring and masterminding. 

Launch and Stand Out (Physical & Digital Copy)
In my book Launch and Stand Out, I’ll teach you how to turn your ideas into businesses. First: Launch. Get started. Then work hard to position your products and services above the crowd to make money because your brand will Stand Out. Just like I did with my “silly” little idea, Stinky Cakes™, which I turned into an award-winning international business!

Master Classes
You will learn many facets of entrepreneurship, including how to:

* Creating a brand that gets people to know, like, trust, remember and buy your products & service

* Create a marketing strategy that is logical for your brand and product

* Build a team so you don’t have to work alone (trying to do too much by yourself is the #1 cause of failure for entrepreneurs!)

Mastermind Live Calls and Replays
This is a harmonious weekly group ZOOM app Video/Phone call uniting people just like you creating their own Hundred Grand Plans in real time. 

Every Monday at noon EST, our Mastermind Calls feature Thought Leaders (well-known names from the world of business) and our own successful alumni who have met or exceeded their Hundred Grand Plans. You will have the ability to ask questions and discuss your ideas on these calls as well.

If for some reason you can’t make the live call, (or want to re-listen) you will always have access to the full library of Mastermind Call replays.

Hundred Grand Planners Support Group:
A non-judgmental online group where the Hundred Grand Planners and Hundred Grand Plan Thought Leaders interact. Accountability is the name of the Game. In the group, you will find people willing to help you stay on track with your goals.


Learn as two successful entrepreneurs, Mychal Connolly of Launch and Stand Out and John Sortino of Vermont Teddy Bear, bring you inside the Hundred Grand Plan Master Course. 


Your investment in the Hundred Grand Plan is $50 per month. I’ve had fellow entrepreneurs tell me that I should be asking far more for this course. But as I said earlier, I’ve already built a very successful business with Stinky Cakes. The feeling I get about the Hundred Grand Plan is the same magical feeling I got when we shipped our first Stinky Cake across the country. It was the feeling of…we’re on our way now.

I want YOU to feel that same magical feeling.

My courses are affordable because my goal is to help more people be self-sufficient, debt-free, with savings and cash flow positive. So if my courses put people in debt, that would be defeating my purpose and vision.

If former NBA great Shaquille O' Neal can sell affordable sneakers while helping people and make a few dollars, I can sell an affordable course that teaches people business, entrepreneurship and marketing to achieve their financial goals!

Why block someone’s blessings by ME being greedy?

I just wasn’t raised that way. 

I also know we gain more by giving than receiving.

And I’m happy with that.

❤️ Love Yourself.  
😃 Believe in Yourself.  
🕘💰 Invest in Yourself.
🤴👸 Big Up Yourself.

- Myke aka Mr. Stinky Cakes

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